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IHD company (Koshiro) specialize in Smart Wearable & Health Life Product field for several years, with good quality and pretty competitve price, with the professional designs and a big production capacity.

IHD Technology Ltd.(Koshiro) has achieved big advantage in product development, the development of new app and the whole process of production. In recent years, we have becomes a major supplier of electronics products in Chinese market. Our products attracted lots customized service with its unique design and features.

Our R & D team:

We now have 7 foregine engineers to provide us software programming and technology support.

Over 15 Chinese engineers work together to realize a idea to a real product, responsible for such services like external industrial design, internal structure configuration, PCB layout and technique support during all process of ODM development process.

Our Facilities:
We have our all workshops for design to production, such as moulds making, plastic injection, CNC prototype making, Silk printing, Painting spray, SMT, Hardware making and final mass assembling line, which enable us to provide one-stop OEM & ODM services all in house.

We warmly welcome you to be our OEM & ODM partner.



Contact: KOSHIRO

Phone: info@koshiro.cn

Tel: +86-755-33161588

Email: ihd@koshiro.cn

Add: Floor 4, Block B-1,HuaFeng Technology Creative Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

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