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  • Bluetooth Body Composition Measurer
  • Bluetooth Body Composition Measurer
  • Bluetooth Body Composition Measurer
Bluetooth Body Composition MeasurerBluetooth Body Composition MeasurerBluetooth Body Composition Measurer

Bluetooth Body Composition Measurer

  • Model NO.: BC-100
  • Product description: Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Health Scale with 17 Items Composition

17 Body composition parameters

Body Weight/ ideal Body Weight/ Body Fat/ Body Water/ Total body protein/ Body mineral/ Skeletal Muscle/ Waist-hip ratio/ Bone Mass/ Body Mass index/ Visceral Fat Area/ Body Type/ Lean Body Weight/ Basal Metabolic Rate/ Body Age/ Chronic disease risk/ Comprehensive assessment

App advantage

Application platform in time synchronization, your data will be uploaded to the cloud, will never be lost

There is a graph curve to analyze your health

Using World Health Organization (WHO) health evaluation system

Multi users(10person) management, to experience a healthy life

Open Bluetooth to connect to the printer, you can print your health data report

Easy to use,New experience

Multi-user management,Good for families & public places

Bluetooth4.0 automatically receive measurement data

Automatically graphs your data chart

Easy comparison to WHO medical standards

Free,private and secure online account

Personalized advice from your doctor or coach

Sharing on social media & continually motivating

Target management, Results at a glance

Product Information

1. King-size,Angle rounded,Ultraslim design,36*36*3cm

2. Wide invisible display,90*40mm

3. Totally enclosed,No control key,Rollover prevention design

4. High quality plastic platform

5. 4 High precision strain gauge sensors

6. 4.0 Bluetooth wireless transmission

7. Automatic upload & auto offload

8. Capacity:180kg

9. Graduation:Weight 100g,Fat 0.1%

10. Overload indicator

11. Low battery indicator

12. Power:4 AA type batteries incl


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