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  • Fashion Ladies Bluetooth Smart Bracelet
Fashion Ladies Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

Fashion Ladies Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

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  • Product description: Fashion Ladies Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

Fashion Ladies Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

Once again break through the limit intelligent healthy smart bracelet
The first smart bracelet, recording sports data in daytime and sleeping data at night to guide healthy living style
W18 smart bracelet is made by Ceramic and Imitation leather PU materials, high resistant and high damage resistance
Designed with waterproof performance,suits for swimming,taking a shower,washing hands etc.
Fashionable with compact and delicate design
Lightweight and comfortable to wear

Passometer,Fitness Tracker,Sleep Tracker,Message Reminder,Call Reminder,Sedentary reminder,Remote Camera;
Battery : 50mAh ,15-day standby power;
With a Dialog II 4.0 bluetooth chip, ADI sensor;

Weight: 23.5g
APP Language: Chinese,English,France,German,Spanish,Danish,Russian,Swedish,Japanese
Color: white,pink (optional for you)Bluetooth Version: 4.0
System requirement: Android4.3 and above&iOS 7.0 and above


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Email: ihd@koshiro.cn

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