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Car Charger GPS Tracker

Car Charger GPS Tracker

  • KG007
  • Product description: Car Charger GPS Tracker With USB Port Powering
Car charger locator
Product positioning    Cars, cars, trucks and so on
Major function
1, real-time positioning
2, historical track
3, electronic fence
4, vibration alarm
5, remote shutdown
6, intelligent shielding
Main features
1, free installation plug and play never power locator
2, zero error accurate positioning, always protect your car.
3,3.1A fast charge technology, stable output, to meet the charging needs
4, the vehicle abnormal alarm to remind

5, multi-car monitoring, fleet management

1. structure division
structure parts category specification remarks
ID design Delicate, lighter size
Whole machine size 9.7cm*5.8cm*3.5cm
Packing size 11.5cm  * 7.5cm * 3.5cm
Weight 50g
colour Gold, black
screen no
gps antenna High sensitive ceramics active antenna
GSM antenna FPC antenna
battery 380mAh
SIM card slot 1 pc
G-sensor support
Charging specifications 3.1A fast charge technology
2. Hardware parts
Hardware parts CPU MTK MT6261
GSM frequency band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS chip MTK6261
GPRS class12
GPS signal L1,1575.42MHz C/A
GPS channel number 22 channels
GPS chip receive sensitivity Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm,capture sensitivity:-148dBm
WIFI location accuracy 0 - 5M
GPS location accuracy 5~15M
LBS location accuracy 100-1000M
Minimum standby current less than 0.5 mA
Average stndby current less than 2.5 mA
Average working current 5-36V
Working temperature -20~70℃
Working humidity 5% to 95% non-congealable
GPS antenna Built in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
GSM antenna FPC antenna
G-sensor Support
MIC Support
Texture of material ABS environmental protection material
3. software parts
software parts supported operating systems Support android 2.3 and above system, IOS5.0 and above.
Language support Simplified Chinese and English Compatible with support for multi-languages
GSM+GPRS+GPS+wifi GPS+LBS+WIFI Multi-modal positioning
support AGPS Cold start 26 seconds positioning
power management Ultra-low power consumption of power management,intelligent dormancy
Smart Geo-fence Outside the range setting can be automatic alarm
historical route Can check history of three months
wireless upgrading Software upgrade, remote debugging maintenance, remote setting parameters


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